ACSAUVEL (or civil association for the safety of the children in Lebanon) has been founded in 1979 with the aim of helping the children victim of war in all Lebanon without religious or political discrimination.3

In 1982, the section of specialized re-education was created. It was the first center to receive specific needs children from the Metn region. At that time, these children were hidden in their homes; they weren’t accepted nor inserted in regular schools. The centre was located in a flat, in the basement of a building that was offered to ACSAUVEL.

In 1985, there was the opening of a specialized workshops unit. We had to create and adapt our program to our growing students (18 years and more) and to ensure continuity in the support of their needs. These workshops were located in a rented flat in Jal El Dib.

In 1987, a land was offered in concession by the Order of the Maronite Lebanese Monks, in the region of Tamiche. The following foundations helped and contributed in the construction of our actual center: World Vision International, Misereor, Mission pontificale. This 2 story building became the head quarter of our administration, direction, rehabilitation units and workshops.

In spite of the evolution that lead us to grow over the years, whether in our objectives or actions, ACSAUVEL kept it’s name of origin (ACSAUVEL civil association for the safety of the child in Lebanon) by which it is acknowledged and recognized by the Lebanese state and the Lebanese society.