Our Projects:

Acsauvel is transforming into “One House for all Generations” for children and adults with mental disabilities, offering various services for all ages: * Early Care (from 3-5 year) * New: Coming soon * * Educational Programme (from 5-18 years) * Learning Disability Department (from 5-18 years) *New: Coming soon* * Workshop Programme in cooking, woodwork, pottery, mosaic and sewing (from 18 years onwards) * Dormitory (for adults without family support) *New: Coming soon*  * 3 different large and green outdoor rest, play and learning facilities *New: Coming soon*  Current renovation:  Therefore, we are renovating our 3 floor building and will construct 2 more floors on the existing building. The renovation work started in June 2016 and we shall have completely renovated the existing building by the End of 2016.

We greatly appreciate all the financial and material donations which we are receiving from private Lebanese sponsors, Lebanese and international foundations, businesses and other institutions. We feel very blessed with their generosity and for helping us to keep our Acsauvel’ians happy, healthy, educated and most importantly part of our society and in our lives.

Acsauvel proudly receives a generous financial support from Misereor Germany for the renovation of the entire existing building, which covers more then 50% of the renovation cost.  Further, Acsauvel receives generous support for 50% of the equipment of the new Early Care Department from CMA CGM Fondation.

If you also want to help Acsauvel, please contact us or place a donation here.

Further background information on new services:  Early care department: Acsauvel decided to build an early care facility for toddlers with special needs (3-5 years). We will provide specialized and professional care with the awareness & experience to help the very young children in their development, building up their confidence and support their independence.

Dormitory: Acsauvel will establish a dormitory for adults and elderly with mental disabilities, which lost both of their parents or other family support. We will welcome them as boarding residents and hope to become their new home. Our professional team will take care of their personal, mental and physical needs.

“Educationally challenged”: Together with the Lebanese Ministry of Education we are working on the establishment of a new department for children with learning disabilities, in order to attend them with specialized training and to help them learn better.

Green spaces: In awareness of the importance of the connection to nature, benefiting a greater well being and increased concentration, Acsauvel creates 3 new green outdoor spaces for the: * Early Care Department, an outdoor playground and garden * School yard and community space for play, relaxation, sporting and outdoor learning * Roof top garden for learning disability department and the whole community with play, relaxation and outdoor learning spaces

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!



constant encouragement, for their blessed generosity and for believing in our mission to keep these kids happy, healthy, educated and most importantly part of our society and in our lives.

This esteemed organization & the whole construction plan would not become a reality if it wasn’t for such generosity and such good hearted people.